Mountain bikers clean up Town Forest trails

Jun 11, 2023

A few Town Forest trails are looking squeaky clean after the weekend. On the morning of June 10, the South Coast chapter of the New England Mountain Bike Association cleared out rocks and leaves for the safety and comfort of local mountain bikers.

The cleanup is part of the NEMBA chapter’s effort to maintain and improve Town Forest trails for biking, which the Select Board approved in April

The trails in question are just south of I-195, but begin on Cross Road. The region’s trails are mostly named after quotes from Mel Brooks’ “Spaceballs,” including “Barfolemew” and “When Will Then Be Now?”. 

NEMBA Chapter President John Tomawski said the work Saturday morning mostly included raking foliage, using a saw to cut hanging branches and picking up rocks knocked over by ATVs that occasionally use the trail. 

Tomawski said, it’s not the most extensive trail network in the area, but it’s perfect “if you just want a quick workout.” The region includes many switchbacks, which are paths with recurring 180 degree turns that allow for scaling a steep mountain. 

“Going down is so fun, you just have to work for it going up,” Tomawski said about the switchbacks.

Parking for the western part of the Dartmouth Town Forest trail is located off Deerfield Road. The west and east sections of trails are currently connected by a trail on private land (appropriately named “This Was Not My Idea”). Eventually, Tomawski wants to create a trail that avoids private land using a bridge over an area of wetlands, which he said would take a lot of work and planning.