Odie’s Place brings donations to animals affected by Hurricane Florence

Sep 18, 2018

This U-Haul truck isn’t full of furniture -- its cargo is dog and cat food, cat litter, and water for the animal victims of Hurricane Florence.

When Brian Harrington of Odie’s Place Animal Rescue heard about the intensity of the hurricane headed towards the Carolinas, he got to work. He got a truck donated by U-Haul and a place to park it outside the Walmart in Dartmouth, and began asking for donations to fill it up on Thursday night.

By late Tuesday afternoon, Harrington estimated the truck contained at least 4,000 pounds of donated goods.

“It’s amazing what we’ve done in just a few days,” he said.

Harrington’s first stop will be in Fremont, North Carolina on Saturday, where he will distribute supplies at an event that will also be attended by the town’s mayor. From there, he will go to Goldsboro, and continue on as long as he has supplies.

Harrington said that he was inspired to start a similar effort last year following Hurricane Harvey, when he saw many collections for donations, but almost none that were focused on helping companion animals.

Those who are interested in donating can send money to the Odie’s Place Paypal at paypal.me/odiesplace. The money will be used to pay for gas and food along the way to communities in need.