Officials shut down unapproved Covid test site

Jan 13, 2022

This story was updated to include comments from the Center for Covid Control.

A Route 6 Covid-19 testing site was shut down Thursday by the state’s Department of Public Health and Dartmouth Board of Health after officials found the location was operating without approval.

The site, located at 331 State Road, was one of three improperly run clinics offering tests in the commonwealth set up by the Center for Covid Control, an Illinois-based company that is currently under investigation by the Better Business Bureau.

According to the state’s Department of Public Health, a survey of each location showed their Massachusetts locations were performing tests without the required state approvals, resulting in the department issuing cease and desist letters to stop providing those tests.

According to the bureau, consumers allege problems with not receiving test results, poor customer service, and being asked to supply personally identifiable information.

Many Google reviews of the Dartmouth location echo those complaints.

“Only 1 person doing testing with at least 100 people waiting. no signage, no phone number, no organization. people packed into the building like sardines. this is awful, avoid this covid factory at all costs,” one review read.

According to the Center for Covid Control, high demand for tests has “stressed staffing resources” across its locations “affecting our usual customer service standards and diagnostic goals.”

“Regrettably, due to our rapid growth and the unprecedented recent demand for testing, we haven't been able to meet all our commitments,” a statement from CCC founder and CEO Aleya Siyaj read. “For this, we truly apologize and are committed to resolve these recent customer inconveniences and loss of confidence.”

With the closures, DPH is reminding residents to use the state’s website at to find approved Covid-19 test sites.