Opinion: Are we going backwards at warp speed?

Mar 3, 2023

To the editor:

Reading about child labor laws being violated in several states, the continuing battle against unions, the increasing costs of life saving medications, the legislative successes to limit voting rights, the stupendous inequality of income and opportunity, the continued environmental injustices, the pragmatic and hypocritical alignment with tyrannical leaders and the increasing infringement on a woman’s right to reproductive freedom, all coupled with a revived nativism, are throwbacks to earlier less democratic periods in American history.

When truth has no standing, kindness and compassion are viewed as weakness, hate and ridicule become acceptable, and hypocrisy is rampant, how does a democracy survive? 

The once unacceptable stereotypes and prejudice against various groups, only uttered in private, now become the clarion call for aspiring politicians at all levels of government. To be blatantly bigoted, and shamelessly insulting, generates publicity, donations and elected positions. 

The political aspirants who are proclaiming themselves  pro - freedom, patriotism and democracy are destroying the very foundations they pretend to be protecting.

Overwhelmed by such blatant ignorance and hypocrisy it is almost impossible to respond as the lies, conspiracies, and hateful bigotry are cascading from all corners of the United States. Ethical and humane politicians are drowned out and challenged from the least knowledgeable and most opportunistic wannabes in their communities or states.

The country has less than two years to counter this backward slide and thus far the dark forces appear more successful in packaging and promoting their divisive anti- democratic rhetoric.Hatred and grievance, rather than equality and decency, are more vote inspiring, and democracies to survive depend on the latter rather than the former.

Betty Ussach,