Opinion: Attorney General is a welcome presence in area

May 4, 2023

To the editor: Our new Attorney General Andrea Campbell promised a significant presence in the New Bedford area and has proved it by setting up a spacious, multi-office, in downtown New Bedford. 

Hosting a large gathering of members of various committees, elected officials and the public, Attorney General Campbell and several staff members mingled with guests, and  asked and answered questions without reserve.  

Campbell made a brief speech welcoming everyone and re-affirming her commitment to being the Attorney General of the entire Commonwealth of Massachusetts. And devoting the resources and staff to this office is the first step in providing accessible attorneys, not just pamphlets, to the residents who have need for various forms of assistance.

Her personal history, impressive educational credentials, work experience and sincere compassion will undoubtedly be demonstrated by the projects and issues she pursues during her term as Attorney General. And it won’t be necessary to travel to Boston to have our voices heard.

 Betty Ussach