Opinion: Enthusiam on upswing under Heroux leadership

Apr 8, 2023

To the editor:

Having been afforded the opportunity to tour the Bristol County  House of Correction on Faunce Corner Road in Dartmouth, the members of the Bristol County for Correctional Justice were able to visit the facilities and to dialogue with staff members. Without limitations to what areas could be accessed and what questions could be answered, the members were able to assess the actual and proposed changes that are in process.  The newly elected sheriff, Paul Heroux, is analyzing and cautiously pursuing the changes that he envisioned during the months of campaigning.  

Most encouraging was the enthusiasm and excitement expressed by several longtime staff members who unreservedly spoke about the respect and accessibility Sheriff Heroux is affording them. One employee described the positive attitude and transparency the sheriff has exhibited towards the staff. They feel as though, after so many years, with newly instituted programs and improved conditions for the incarcerated, their jobs will be made easier and more productive.

It was particularly encouraging to the members of Bristol County for Correctional Justice to see the actualization of so many of their proposals and the improvement in morale amongst the staff.  

Bristol County for Correctional Justice has always declared the importance of a well-trained, merit-based promotional system for the correctional staff. A respected and motivated staff is essential for the promotion of a rehabilitative system that lowers recidivism and prepares the incarcerated for a successful re-entry into the community.

And any employee inclined to abusive conduct or a counterproductive attitude will not be tolerated, promoted or allowed to sabotage the process of improvement in the work environment of the staff, and the establishment of a real correctional system.

Betty Ussach