Opinion: Greg Edgcomb has earned the job

Sep 27, 2022

To the editor:

I recommend hiring Greg Edgcomb, the Acting Chief of Fire District 2, into the permanent role. 

Compensation in the range of $115,000 is appropriate. Voters approved this salary at the annual meeting. This salary is lower than DFD 3 Chief and higher than DFD 1 Chief ($104,340). It accommodates the 8.25% inflation rate of the past twelve months.

The acting chief has secured grant money. Expenses avoided via grants are greater than savings in salary with another candidate.

The acting chief has achieved the respect of the department and restored morale. Any salary savings with another candidate are small compared to the risk of losing staff if another candidate is selected.  

At the Sept. 12 meeting, it was suggested the chief should have a background as a mechanic. The other chiefs in Dartmouth are not mechanics. Having a chief with 22 years of EMT- Paramedic experience will likely save lives. EMT Paramedic experience is more impactful than a mechanic background. 

The acting chief is tried and tested. The district won’t have similar on-the- job experience with any other candidate. Hiring the acting chief avoids the risk of a potential hiring mistake.

Extending the deadline for candidate applications to Oct. 12 conveys the impression that the Prudential Committee wants to hire someone else. The acting chief deserves a fair shake. Greg Edgcomb has earned the job of permanent chief. 

Mark Gildersleeve,