Opinion: Indian symbol honors history

Aug 5, 2021

To the editor:

In the late 50, sports cars such as Porche, MG, Trimph, VW, Alpha Romeo and others were becoming more common and the South Coast area had many enthusiastic owners who formed clubs.

It was customary to have a badge to identify the club. When our club was formed, we wanted to a badge which represented the geographical diversity of the membership and the history of the South Coast area. The name of Metacomet was chosen as the settlers were impressed with his dignity and his intertribal leadership.

The name Metacomet is honored by several organizations. Among them are: Metacomet Woodland Trail, Metacomet Golf Club RI, and right here in Dartmouth on Gulf Road — Camp Metacomet at the Dartmouth YMCA.

Metacomet’s image on our badge was meant to honor his legacy and our members were proud to display it. Hopefully Dartmouth’s athletics image can be retained in the same spirit.

James A. Cook,