Opinion: Parents deserve an apology from School Committee member

Mar 2, 2021

To the editor:

Last night at the Dartmouth School Committee meeting Mr. John Nunes made a very arrogant remark in regards to those students who are using the TECCA platform.

The discussion was primarily about getting the hybrid students back to full in-person learning.

Students who chose to remain all remote will remain that way. There was no need to throw shade on those students using TECCA!

As a representative of the parents Mr. Nunes should always maintain respect. I believe he owes parents an apology for his “venting” on camera.

It was completely inappropriate, condescending and uncalled for, since they weren’t even discussing TECCA students.

I’m so disappointed in his behavior.

However, I would like to praise Mary Waite and Kathleen Amaral for not laughing out loud at his remark and for bringing up valid points in the meeting.

Kerrie Parsons