Opinion: The real threat posed by sheriff Hodgson

Jul 22, 2022

To the editor:

With the increasing anger fueled divisiveness in this country it is important to call out public officials who perpetuate or enhance their careers by joining the chorus of hatemongers.

Massachusetts residents do not have to look to other states to identify an elected official who repeatedly employs hate and fear generating rhetoric.  Sheriff Thomas Hodgson of Bristol County has spewed inflammatory and deceptive comments about undocumented immigrants for many  of his twenty five years in office.

Additionally, and counterproductively,  he has adhered to outdated, punitive and ineffective correctional attitudes and methods, causing high recidivism, monumental tax payer expenses and a disgruntled workforce.  

Hodgson has grabbed the spotlight and energized resentful residents by attributing the problems facing this country to undocumented immigrants. He instills fear in his supporters in Bristol County, and undoubtedly beyond, as he appears at rallies, sits for interviews, and joins the advisory boards of white supremacist organizations.

In furtherance of his career he has hitched his wagon to Donald Trump and has joined the list of public officials throwing doubt on the  legitimacy of the last presidential election. 

It is imperative to remove Hodgson from office and replace him with a sheriff who will concentrate all energy and resources on lowering the recidivism rate, reducing taxpayer expenses, and being ever mindful of the well-being  of the correctional officers who are employed in the Bristol facilities.

Betty Ussach,