Opinion: Sheriff is disregarding safety rules

Oct 5, 2020
To the editor:
It was only a few weeks ago that Sheriff Hodgson was photographed the last day of the Republican Convention at the White House, unmasked and standing within touching distance to another participant not wearing a mask.
Within a day or two of that event, the Sheriff was photographed at a staff activity in Dartmouth standing once again maskless and in touching distance of five or six unmasked employees. And in a more recent photo near the Ash Street jail, Hodgson is being interviewed  again maskless and standing less than six feet from the reporter.
These activities all occurred outdoors, but the scientific evidence clearly indicates that masks and social distancing of a least six feet are necessary for preventing transmission of Covid-19 even under these circumstances.
What the Sheriff’s behavior would appear to represent is ignorance, obedience to his idol Trump — for whom he heads the re-election campaign in Massachusetts — and a complete disregard for the safety of his staff, those incarcerated under his supervision, and the community at large.
In view of the tragedy unfolding at the White House and associated venues, it is now undeniable that the coronavirus is real, highly infectious and cause for prudent, careful and scientifically guided action by all who are in positions to infect and threaten the lives of others.
Take heed, Sheriff Hodgson  this means you!
Betty Ussach,