Opinion: Sheriff Hodgson’s generosity with tax payers’ money

May 19, 2022

To the editor:

Just as sheriff Thomas Hodgson has devoted his entire career to self promoting activities, with his time and energy, he has also distributed  monies to projects and organizations, but barely to those who are  incarcerated in his facilities.

Anyone who is a member of a club or nonprofit organization knows about Sheriff Hodgson’s generosity with monetary donations to their  causes:  the list is enormous. The only group that does not benefit from the millions of dollars from taxpayers, that flow through his coffers, are the intended target for rehabilitation and re-entry preparation : those  men and women who are incarcerated in his jails.

Even if decency, and a sense of responsibility hasn’t motivated Hodgson to devote sufficient taxpayer money to his assigned caretaker role, then the reality of increasing  recidivism, a disillusioned and decreased workforce, a high suicide rate, and a barrage of judicial criticism certainly should.

Now as we enter the campaign season Hodgson has increased his publicity seeking activities: sending Covid sniffing dogs to schools, inmates to clean up a river, and always available for the camera to attack anyone who calls attention to his profound deficiencies as the manager of a correctional facility.

Continuing to accumulate vast amounts of money from taxpayers, and from the families of the  incarcerated, and funneling it in a manner that perpetuates his job as sheriff, but ignoring his duties to those incarcerated, or employed in the Bristol County facilities, runs counter to his legal mandate and sworn oath of office.

In his retirement Hodgson can continue his  generosity with his own uncompensated time and money.

Betty Ussach,