Opinion: We must not lose Edgcomb

Aug 30, 2022

To the editor:

In the short time that Acting Chief Edgcomb has led Fire District 2, policies he instituted produced significant improvements.

Among achievements but not limited to those listed below are:

  • Improved firefighter communication including responding firefighter location¬†
  • Augmented firefighter training
  • Establishing a schedule for regular equipment maintenance
  • Developing a plan for 24hr/day, 365 days/year in-house firefighter staff, which would reduce response time.¬†¬†
  • Placing water cisterns throughout the district eliminates time required to refill water tanks at the firehouse.
  • Applied for and received $45,000 in grants for our department

In today's market, staffing full time firefighters would lower district fire tax. A home valued $450,00 would therefore have approximately a $120 reduction in the annual insurance bill.

During his tenure the number of fire fighters has also increased from 17 to 22.

In the future, the difference between the requested salary and Chief Edgcomb's requested salary would increase our fire district tax an average of $5/year. The grants received and the service provided far exceed a $5 annual tax increase.

Chief Edgcomb's value to our fire district is clear and we must not lose him.

Gerald Pietsch,