Opinion: We Need to Act on Climate Change Now

Mar 10, 2021

To the editor:

Snow has always been one of my favorite types of weather, but lately, it has become a rare commodity.

Flakes that fell in December and January are now unceremoniously dumped in February to immediately melt away.

This event is not only an unfortunate loss of my favorite weather but one of many warning signs delivered by our world.

The shifting seasons and rising tides are not something to get used to, but the effects of serious harm to our planet.

We know that most pollution comes from corporations and various fossil fuels, so why haven’t we held them accountable?

Clean energy solutions are out there, and our voices as people and citizens are our best weapon in implementing them.

For instance, Massachusetts can make real change if it commits to the 100% Clean Act bill, which lowers the state’s use of fossil fuel and switches to cleaner alternatives.

We cannot let this damage to our world continue not for our aesthetic needs, but for our survival.

Alyssa J. Bluffington

UMass Dartmouth