Opinion: We need a true Republican Party to be reestablished

Nov 9, 2021

To the editor:

When I first came to live in Massachusetts, seven years ago, one of the things that really shocked me was that in elections, many of the candidates had no opposition. Now I was raised in the belief that democracy is best served by having a two (or more) party system, each putting up a qualified person for each and every office.

Also, in these past seven years, I have seen more Republicans say “I did not leave the party, the party left me” and thus changed their registration to “independent.” I can understand why they are doing it. 

The present leaders of the party have abandoned many of the basic principles that have guided the party since the Civil War.  The party was the one that supported minority rights, against the Democrats that kept segregation and Jim Crow laws in the south. It was the party that looked after small business, that was against deficit spending. It was a “large tent party” holding both Barry Goldwater and Nelson Rockefeller in its fold.

The change began with the passing of the Civil Rights bill.

The “solid south” switched from Democratic control to Republican almost immediately. Tax laws favoring corporations increased and Trump’s Tax bill really did swell the deficit.

We hear claims that the last election was rigged and yet every study has shown that it was the most honest election in many years.  In January of this year, we had hordes of people crashing into congress calling for the Vice President to be hung, yet, we are told that this was a peaceful celebration of people claiming their rights of self expression. Finally, here in this state, we have a Republican Governor who is one of the most popular governors in the country and yet within this “Republican group” there is a move not support him in the next election

We need a strong Republican party to bring back balance to our politics, not only in Massachusetts but in all the states. We need to be a big tent again. If you changed your party enrollment, change it back. Go to your town Republican meeting and demand that the party be a party, supporting the basic principles of the party, not a fan club for a past president. And consider running for an office if you meet the qualifications. For many offices there are few qualifications. We should have a republican name on every ballot in the next election. Get involved and protect our democracy.

Patrick J T Curran, Ph.D.,