Our Herd sets next deer workshop for October

Sep 30, 2023

After discussing their plans to match up landowners and hunters earlier in September, Our Herd is hosting another workshop for landowners, land managers and hunters about safe, regulated hunting practices. The goal is to provide a clearer understanding about this method of restoring a healthier-sized white-tailed deer population.

The workshop will educate about bow and arrow, shotgun and black powder seasons, review current MA hunting regulations, and provide resources to assist landowners, land managers and hunters to create a clear plan which outlines how hunting would take place on a private property.

The group will meet at 7 p.m. at Westport Grange Hall, 931 Main Road, on Oct. 18

Appropriately, the group will also lead a venison tasting, and welcomes community members to bring a venison dish with a recipe card.