From the (outgoing) editor: Thank you, Dartmouth

Mar 6, 2023

To Dartmouth:

This is my final filing for Dartmouth Week.

Beginning March 7, I start a new job covering the state government in Rhode Island. As I depart the editor chair, I wanted to give a proper goodbye to this town I’ve grown to love.

Working at the paper for the past nearly three years has been an absolute privilege and delight. I’m going to miss a lot of things about Dartmouth (like constant access to CHiPPis at Mirasol’s), but I’ll especially miss the talented journalists I’ve worked with, the engaged readership, and getting to know the amazing people of this wonderful not-so-little town.

Coming from Wisconsin, I was unsure how welcome I would be here in New England (especially just as a pandemic was starting). You always hear the stereotypes that folks out here can come off as cold or rude.

That is far from the case.

Are New Englanders more blunt compared to the Midwest? Yes. Can they be a bit more aggressive behind the wheel? Also yes.

But I’ve also found New Englanders (Dartmouth residents in particular) to be especially kind. 

You’ve welcomed me into your homes and boats, always been willing to answer my questions and giving insights to the workings of this town.

This is also a town full of people willing to help each other. Whether it’s weekly food distributions at the YMCA, giving shelter to refugees, cleaning the marshes, raising money for unified sport, or trying to get homeless residents back on their feet, Dartmouth steps up.

Another great thing about Dartmouth: Portuguese food — so good! We really need that out in Wisconsin.

Thank you for everything, Dartmouth.

Thank you for trusting me with your stories. Thank you for your readership. And thank you for making a Wisconsin boy feel so welcome.

Christopher Shea,