Painted rocks aplenty at Hill Crest Alpacas

Jun 16, 2021

Things are rocking again at Hill Crest Alpacas — literally.

With the lifting of the commonwealth’s remaining pandemic restrictions, the family-run farm is slowly returning to its usual schedule of hosting community events. 

To kick things off, the farm is allowing families to stop by the Old Fall River Road property to pick up and paint a river rock to help create a rock garden for the farm — along with meeting and greeting some alpacas.

“We stopped doing everything last year,” farm owner Shirley Lanouette said. “This is the first thing we’ve actually had since Covid.”

Once a month, a top rock will be picked and that painter will win a trading card featuring their favorite alpaca, along with the chance for the winner and three friends to spend some extra time with the animals.

“It’s tough to find something that all ages can enjoy,” Lanouette said. “So why not combine paint and alpacas?”

Daughter Kelly Michalski noted that after the rocks are painted, they are sprayed with a weatherproof solvent.

“That way when kids come back it can be a cool thing for them,” she said. “They’ll be all like, ‘I did that!’”

Along with rock painting, Lanouette said alpaca yoga — a program that began in mid 2019 — will be a regular event at the farm starting June 17. 

“It’s very relaxing,” she said. “And unlike goats, they won’t be all over you.”

There are also plans to being back other large-scale events such as the farm’s trick-or-treat/Halloween party and Easter Egg hunt, along with other monthly alpaca-filled gatherings.

“Just a lot of family-oriented group sessions so to speak,” Lanouette laughed.