Parents group runs competition for kids while schools are closed

Mar 14, 2020

A group of parents whose kids are in the Dartmouth Public Schools have decided to run a week-long competition while schools are closed next week due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Monday’s competition is to “Build an awesome fort,” and the fort photos are already rolling in, according to organizer Mary Waite.

Waite, a parent from the “Dartmouth Parents 14.0” Facebook group, announced the online competition on Saturday.

Children will compete in a different creative activity each day, and parents can submit a photo of the results to the Facebook group (after joining it) or by emailing

Certificates will be emailed to the first, second, and third place winners, as well as to the grade level winners.

Winners will be announced the day after each competition.

The competitions are as follows:

Monday: Build an awesome fort.

Tuesday: Build a tower out of anything.

Wednesday: Create and build an invention to solve a problem.

Thursday: Create something new out of recycled materials and/or items found in nature.

Friday: Dress like a famous person, using props.