Paul Abrantes wins Fire District 2 Prudential Committee seat, ending district shakeup

Aug 1, 2023

Fire District 2 has a full Prudential Committee again: Paul Abrantes defeated Becky Vital Amaral in the July 31 special election, by a margin of 214 to 121. 

Abrantes said “a lot of work and a lot of support” helped him garner the win. He will start on the Prudential Committee in September. 

“I’m looking to make decisions that are in the best interest of the safety of the firefighters and the community, as opposed to the … previous prudential committee,” Abrantes said. “And [I want] better communication with the fire district itself.”

Becky Vital Amaral said she’s pleased with the turnout in her favor considering she “did very little campaigning” compared to Abrantes’ signs and mailers. 

“Having such a large turnout in my favor shows that residents are concerned about the direction the department is moving,” Amaral said. 

Abrantes is replacing former Prudential Committee member Bob Bouley, who resigned in June, shortly after a recall petition was presented to him. Abrantes was part of the group that led the recall effort, which faulted Bouley for removing Greg Edgcomb from his position as acting fire chief “without any process, and in violation of the Open Meeting Law and the District By-Laws” and for refusing to interview Edgcomb for the role of permanent fire chief.