Pee wee field hockey teams celebrate the end of a successful season

Oct 14, 2018

Pee wee field hockey players celebrated the end of the season with cupcakes, trophies, and, of course, plenty of gameday action.

The youngest players in the Dartmouth Girls Athletic League’s field hockey program, divided into three teams named after sports powerhouse universities, faced off in round-robin rounds October 14 to end the season.

While individual and season records are not as important in the league’s youngest K-2 age division, members of the University of Michigan team had plenty to celebrate: The team won both of its final games to finish the season undefeated.

“We’ve been playing with girls who have played since kindergarten,” said coach Courtney Cohen. “They’re here for the fun, it’s all about fun.”

The Dartmouth College team -- or, as teammates prefer, the “Pink Flamingos” -- won one of its matches, but suffered a loss on the final day of the season. But coach Brittany Vasconcelos noted it’s all about fun, and seeing how her team has progressed throughout the season.

“Have fun and just get touches on the ball,” Vasconcelos said of the main focus of her team. “Just letting them have fun, play the game, and get introduced to it at this age, I think, is incredible.”

Maiya Barry, 7, is in her second year of DGAL’s field hockey program. As she enjoyed cupcakes with her teammates following the final game, she noted this past year has been quite fun, and she’s continuing to enjoy the sport her mother introduced her to.

“My mom asked me if I wanted to play field hockey, and I said yeah -- and I really liked it, so I kept on playing,” Barry said.

Deanna Bodeau coached the UConn team.

“It’s the end of the season, and they had fun,” Bodeau said following the trophy distribution. “They always try hard every game. They’ve improved a ton this season. Half of our team has never played before.”

Aria Daluz and Isabel Bodeau are both new to the sport, introduced to field hockey through their mothers. They’ve learned a lot about the importance of teamwork.

“We learned that it’s great to work together,” Daluz said.