Photographer pays homage to his hometown

Jul 27, 2020

Photographer Alex Simon describes himself as a “life-long Dartmouth guy.”

After spending his childhood exploring the woods in and around Abner Potter’s Way, the 31-year-old resident has turned his passion for photography into a hobby that he can share with everyone who appreciates the natural beauty in this corner of the world.

He has made a name for himself posting shots to social media of everything from flowers and farm animals to land and seascapes around town.

Simon said he originally got into photography through his love of films like Jurassic Park and any Hitchcock classic.

I used to make my own home movies with my friends and fell in love with planning, editing and filming,” he said. “This is when I got my first taste of photography.”

After taking classes in high school and college, he said, “I quickly learned that I loved to capture things on camera, and even more so I loved to share them with other people. This is something I’ve been doing my entire life.”

The hobbyist photographer spends his free time outside of his day job at the town’s Department of Public Works Highway Division — as well as owning his own junk removal business — to capture the beauty of the woods, marsh, and ocean landscapes that make Dartmouth special.

My favorite thing to photograph hands down is nature,” said Simon. “We live in such a gorgeous area and we’re so spoiled with the range of scenery around us.”

For now, he said, he doesn’t see himself trying to make a living from it. “It’s a wonderful hobby and it brings peace into my life, but I also enjoy strapping on my boots and going to work every morning!”

Simon has woven his spur-of-the-moment photography into his positive outlook on life.

He said that what he likes most about it is that it allows him to capture precious moments in his life. “And what makes my photography career so easy is that every moment in life is precious,” he added. “We have to enjoy it.”

“I’m a very firm believer in the healing powers of nature,” Simon continued. “It’s really helped me decompress from the world we live in today.”

“I think a lot of people, including myself, get very caught up in things that don’t matter,” he noted. “Whether it be internet drama, the news, work, politics, money; these are all things that can put you in a very dark and negative mental spot, and I believe that taking time out of your day to put all that on mute, even for a few minutes, is extremely healthy and beneficial for you on every level imaginable.”

Simon said that’s why he doesn’t sell his work. “If just one person who sees my work is put in a better frame of mind, and says ‘Hey, I should go escape for a few minutes and check out a sunset too,’ then I’m happy with that.”

As for the future, he said, he will continue sharing his experiences with anyone who wants to follow him, joking “And maybe one day when I hit Powerball I can do it full time!”