PlanIt Eats focuses on healthy living with ready-to-eat meals

Oct 3, 2018

Between jobs, commutes, hobbies, and families, managing nutrition can be a tough task. That’s where Michael Glassman and his ready-to-east meals come in.

Glassman is the owner of PlanIt Eats, and just moved the company from its awkward second floor State Road location to a new storefront at 154 Faunce Corner Road.

It is not a restaurant, but a ready-to-eat takeout meal business. Glassman offers a menu of more than 30 breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack items — all made fresh each day by nutritionists.

“We all wish we could have a healthy personal chef, but we don’t,” Glassman said. “Only the rich and famous have their own chef, so you have to either be a nutritionist, know how to cook, or have the ability to cook and the time to cook.”

Glassman serves a diverse base of customers, from people who want to lose weight to seniors who need a little help with cooking.  

Even those who might have the time and know-how to cook could be overwhelmed trying to eat the right amount of proteins, vegetables, vitamins, and minerals.

“If you were doing that at home, you’d need to go to the store and buy two pieces of this, two pieces of that, and you’d have a lot of waste,” Glassman said.

Healthy eating has been a passion for Glassman for more than 15 years.

He opened the Healthy Grille in 2002. Meals were cooked to order there, but Glassman noticed it was difficult for his customers to stop by frequently. In 2010, he launched his first meal planning company out of a second floor office on State Road.

“We actually provide customers with meals for the week so they can have success and feel better,” Glassman said, adding his very first customer lost four belt sizes in a month. “That is when I knew it was on to something.”

With the move to Faunce Corner Road, Glassman is now thinking about franchising. He owns a second PlanIt Eats location in Fall River.