Police break up wild turkey fight

Nov 27, 2022

A brawl most fowl occurred at Dartmouth Police headquarters Sunday morning.

According to a video posted to the department’s Facebook Page, Sgt. Scott Brooks had to break up a fight between two male wild turkeys.

In the video, the two birds who were “ironically both named Tom” can be seen in an open parking space going at each other's necks before being stopped off-camera.

Upon being “interviewed,” it was learned that the fight broke out “when one of them called the other one a chicken.”

“The lesson to be learned here is that you NEVER want to call a turkey a chicken,” the post read. “Yeah. They don’t like that.”

This was not the first turkey sighting the station had during the holiday week, as a pair also “stalked” officer Scott Affonce just three days prior.

It is unclear if the turkeys involved in the Sunday brawl are the same birds.

A video of the fowl fight is attached to this story.