Police catch goat running wild on Bakerville Road

Aug 20, 2019

Dartmouth police were put through their paces on Monday after successfully chasing down a runaway goat on Bakerville Road.

The small goat, called Marshmallow, belongs to Dartmouth resident David Medeiros.

It escaped from his home on Russells Mills Road and was caught by officers Canario and Tavares on August 19.

“I used to have goats,” said Officer Canario. He explained that Officer Tavares had cornered the goat, but wasn’t sure what to do.

“He said, ‘Do they bite?’ I said ‘Nah!’ I called it, and it came running right over to me,” Canario explained with a laugh. “It was actually pretty cool. It was fun.”

This comes just after an escaped husky made headlines last week for running down I-195 to Faunce Corner Road.

The Dartmouth Police Department posted the escapade to Facebook, stating that the goat was “dodging traffic” in the middle of the road.

“When they asked him where he was going, he told them that he was running late for his people yoga class,” the post concluded.