Public hearing for proposed zoning bylaw changes

Aug 14, 2019

The Planning Board will hold public hearings for a number of zoning bylaw proposals at its next meeting on August 19, 7 p.m., in Town Hall room 315. 

There are a total of five zoning warrant articles proposed for the Fall Town Meeting. 

Two of the articles, which are being put forth by the Planning Board, would make a number of changes to the town's Open Space Residential Design (OSRD) bylaw, which allows project developers to build denser subdivisions in exchange for preserving open space. 

The changes are intended to clarify authority and management of the open space to improve how the land is protected, and make changes to the application procedures.  

Two warrant articles seek to make changes to the town's recreational marijuana zoning bylaw.

The remaining warrant article would eliminate the requirement of vehicular easement lines to specific zoning bylaw sections. All three are proposed via citizens petitions.