Quinn School showcases kindness

Nov 29, 2018

Students in each grade at the Quinn School explored kindness around the world at the school’s annual Museum of Kindness and Caring on Nov. 29.

Now in its seventh year, the “museum” is composed of student art and writing alongside activities that explore different cultures.

Each student is given a passport when they arrive so they can track their progress through the different stations.

Assistant Principal Audra Thomas said that the event is one of the school’s most popular, and always has a high turnout.

“It’s all about kindness,” Thomas said.

In the library, kids were busy coloring in drawings of kids from around the world and writing down a way they could be kind, with the help of 5th grade peer leaders Ethan Cleveland and Brady Edgcomb.

The peer leader program kicked off officially early this week, and the leaders (proudly decked out in custom t-shirts) were scattered throughout the school to help other kids and make sure the event was running smoothly.

“It’s very fun,” said Edgcomb. “I like how it’s sort of like a job.”

Finished drawings, displayed around a globe in the hallway, featured many good examples of kindness: holding doors, giving hugs or fist bumps, sharing, and helping others when they get hurt.

In the gym, students made calm down bottles, which are little bottles filled with oil, water, and glitter to create a mesmerizing snow-globe-like effect when shaken. In the library, kids made Guatemalan Worry Dolls.

“When you go to sleep, you put it under your pillow and your worries go away,” explained Samantha Almeida, 7.

Other students drew “Henna hands” by drawing designs onto outlines of their hands, traced by a grown-up or peer leader onto a piece of rainbow scratch magic paper, created origami, or painted designs onto Japanese fans.

The event also featured performances of a song about talking out problems by both the second and third graders.