Quinn students keep it 100 for hundredth day of class

Feb 7, 2023

Friday marked the 100th day of the academic year, and the kids at Quinn School celebrated the milestone with a popular tradition: dressing up like centenarians.

“The kids love it,” Principal Kyle Grandfield said. “It’s just a nice way to celebrate getting over the halfway point of the year. Plus it gives some fun to have in these colder months.”

Many of the kids, who have around nine decades until they actually turn 100, came in decked out with what they think centenarians wear: thick-framed glasses, canes, shawls, and ties — at least for the boys.

One student even had a pretend “Life Alert” tag around his neck as he shuffled down the hallway to his classroom.“They really act the part,” Grandfield said with a laugh.

The principal added that this is just one of many ways he and Quinn staff work to “get kids excited about going to school.”

Recently, the school held a “kindness challenge” in which students wrote notes to staff, teachers, and other daily challenges of kindness that they would receive recognition for. The school also recognizes kids each month with a rally for following these character traits.

“It’s a nice way to foster a nice culture within the school,” Grandfield said.