Quinn students spread kindness in honor of Martin Luther King Jr.

Jan 17, 2020

Quinn Elementary School students are gearing up to spread kindness in honor of Martin Luther King Jr.

On January 17 — the last day of school before the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday — Quinn students gathered in the auditorium to learn about why they have the day off, and how they can embrace and spread King’s message even today.

During the assembly, fourth grade students took turns reading out loud a speech by King. Second graders from each class presented their “peace letters,” large letters spelling out the word “peace,” which each classroom filled with inspirational and peaceful words.

Students concluded the assembly with a song about peace, and a special message from the school’s outreach workers about the upcoming Great Kindness Challenge, a national movement to bring positive messages and inclusion to schools.

“We do a lot in our school to promote kindness and inclusion of others,” said school outreach worker Kelly Bloom. “We wanted to focus on the work of Martin Luther King Jr.”

Over the next few weeks, students will be able to complete “kindness checklists,” ticking off acts of kindness they carry out across the school and at home.

Students will also be able to volunteer to forego recess to work at a “kindness station” set up at the school’s community room. There, students will create thank-you cards and other crafts to spread kindness at Quinn and at home.