Quinn students top readers in Massachusetts

Dec 7, 2018

For the fourth year in a row, the students at the Quinn Elementary School are the best readers in the state.

Students logged a total of 1,369,474 summer reading minutes in 2018 as part of the Scholastic Summer Reading Challenge, breaking the one-million minute mark for the first time.

On Dec. 7, the school celebrated both the accomplishment, and the top readers in each grade. Librarian Kate Powers recognized each of the top readers, who were given a citation from Governor Charlie Baker and First Lady Lauren Baker.

As each student was recognized, their peers, parents, and teachers cheered and clapped. Powers also gave a shout out to all the students who participated, noting that even those who only read a little helped the school be the top in the state.

“This is all because of the kids and their dedication to the program,” Powers said.

The Bakers also sent a video message to the whole school.

“You guys are amazing, and we are so proud of you,” said Lauren Baker.

Both Bakers emphasized the importance of reading and encouraged the students to keep reading.

“As one of those kids who loved to read when I was young, and have continued to do that through my whole life, I think reading is one of the best ways I can think of to learn, to grow, and to take yourself places and to put yourself in the shoes of people that you’d never get to otherwise,” Governor Baker said.

Brooke Shea of Scholastic Book Fairs visited to congratulate students, and shared fun facts. Students read for the equivalent of 2.5 years, which is the amount of time it would take for someone to walk 70,000 miles. The school ranked 14th in the country of the thousands that participated.

She also shared congratulations from Jeff Kinney, the author behind “Diary of a Wimpy Kid,” which drew gasps from the crowd.

“Quinn is now inspiring other schools to participate,” Powers said. “You are a role model to them.”

Here is a list of all the top readers:


Jack Williams - 2,040

Zachary Garney - 1,700

Nora McNeil - 1,700

Londyn Edgcomb - 850

Manuel Washburn - 710

Evangeline Simoes - 360

1st grade

Devin Lam - 8,365

Todd Fredette, Jr. - 2,783

Julian Lazaro - 2,370

Aydan Costa - 2,242

Emma Delgado - 2,285

2nd grade

Logan Fernandes - 1, 825 minutes

Thomas Silveira - 4,340 minutes

Addison Thomas - 1.400 minutes

Greyson Edgcomb - 3,048 minutes

Lihanna Sneed - 1,450 minutes

3rd grade

Cam Gonsalves - 6,515 minutes

Delilah Dellecese - 9,645

Hunter Bradford - 9,086

Lia Cojocaru - 9,380

Melanie Khatib - 5,480

4th grade

Lucas Rodriguez - 59,664

Vincent Lam - 12,043

Sienna DaSilva - 17,195

Ben Garcia - 14,439

Miley Yu - 8,590

5th grade

Sophia Cadieux - 25,920

Lily Duval - 17,085

Caitlyn Falcon - 13,920

Rowan Desautels - 16,272

Slade Bertalotto - 12,180