Resident prepares for release of first children's book

Mar 25, 2021

It all started with a song.

After the birth of his second daughter around two decades ago, Dartmouth resident Ed Pacheco would sing a song about a “little lamb” to his kids to get them ready for bed. 

Now, that very song has become the basis of his first children’s book, “Little Lamb Shenanigans.” 

The story follows a nine-year-old girl named Jenna Marie — who Pacheco said is based off of all of his daughters — as she struggles to go to bed and how her family tries to get her ready. 

“It’s just a fun bedtime story,” he said. “It was a book that brought a lot of joy to my own daughters.” 

The newly published author added that there are also some Easter eggs — or hidden references — related to Greater New Bedford that he hopes readers will discover and appreciate.

Pacheco had always thought his “Little Lamb” tradition would make for a fun story. 

Over the past 20 years, he attempted working on the book, but never got around to it until two years ago. 

What kickstarted the writing process, he said, was when his youngest daughter graduated from fifth grade and he realized that he no longer had any kids going through elementary school.

“It kind of gave me a pre-empty nest feeling,” he laughed.

After he finished the initial draft, the publishing company put Pacheco in contact with illustrator Kristina Young, but she was a bit busy at the time. He had contacted other illustrators, but their renderings just didn’t quite match his vision for the story. 

“I just kind of let it sit,” he said.

Once the pandemic hit, Pacheco reached out to Young again and she was more than happy to help work with the Dartmouth resident and try to bring his characters to life.

“They were spot on,” Pacheco noted. “They were literally what I had been looking for.” 

The song the book was based on, Pacheco said, originated from the first time he saw his second daughter after she was born.

“She was just such a little lamb,” he added.

Pacheco said he enjoyed singing his song in more of a jazz style. The Dartmouth resident noted that his daughters still get excited when he mentions the “Little Lamb” song.

“My oldest daughter is 24 and about to get married,” he said. “If I mention Little Lamb, she’ll freak out because she knows what’s coming.” 

“Little Lamb Shenanigans” has already been translated into Spanish and Portuguese. 

It is currently available for presale on and and will be released on May 6.