Saying farewell to Fabulous Foundations

Dec 29, 2018

Nancy Espindola shut the doors at Fabulous Foundations for the last time on Dec. 29. She has run the lingerie store for ten years, and Espindola and her staff gave hundreds of women one-on-one attention to find the perfect bra for each figure.

Espindola founded the store in 2008 after her children went off to college and she wanted to do something new.

Her husband suggested a lingerie store after asking why she was driving to Rhode Island to buy bras.

After months of research, Espindola decided she felt like she could do it and found a space in the St. Anne’s Credit Union Plaza.

“It’s a service, it’s needed, and it made a lot of people happy,” Espindola said.

She and her staff spent time with each customer, boutique-style, making sure each woman could find a bra that fit well and was comfortable.

“We wanted to give people personal service, whether it took 15 minutes or an hour,” Espindola said.

The service was very highly valued by women who frequented the store from everywhere from New York to Arizona.

Espindola said she has received many messages from people thanking her for giving them self confidence.

“I’m leaving with a smile on my face,” Espindola said, although the ending is bittersweet. She tried to sell the business to no avail, and is excited to retire.

After selling much of the stock at deep discounts, Espindola will donate the rest of the stock to Free the Girls, an organization that supports victims of human trafficking — an organization she has supported throughout the store’s history.