Scary stuff: These Halloween yards are to die for

Oct 11, 2021

We asked readers to scare up some Halloween fun and, like that nice neighbor who hands out extra-large chocolate bars, you delivered! 

Your response to our call for decorations was a treat for us and, we hope, for all our readers. 

On Azalea Drive, an amazing array of creepy creations are on display, including a classroom of serial killers, with rules including “No Talking, No Cheating, No Killing.’’ 

Then there’s the very old barfly (he looks pretty dehydrated so maybe someone should send him a drink), a pair of cuddling love birds that appear a bit past their prime and a couple of skinny pallbearers.

Homeowner Grace Botelho has said she spends an entire month setting up the display, which has become popular with neighborhood children of all ages.

We also heard from “Stonewall Manor,’’ a Halloween display on Stonewall Avenue.

Visitors can see a skeleton playing piano with candelabras that Liberace would envy, some wicked witches, a larger than life werewolf and some fun gravestones, among other attractions.

This display is lit from dusk until 11 p.m. every night, weather permitting. It’s also fun to check out during the daytime.

Over on Pinehurst Street, a yard dubbed “The Boneyard’’ is designed to be visited day or night. 

The yard is decorated in such a way that our display can be visited both day and night. The display is sensory friendly, with no strobe lights, movements or noise. 

But it does have plenty of entertainment value. There’s a witchy trio, a very different kind of Game of Thrones (where you can even take selfies) and a chef who clearly doesn’t sample much of his cooking. 

There is still time to submit photos! Send your Halloween yard decorations and an explanation to