Schwartz Center students explore District No. 3 Fire Truck

Dec 19, 2018

A fire truck from District No. 3 pulled into the driveway at Meeting Street/The Schwartz School on Dec. 14. There was no fire — just a lot of good cheer.

Students explored the fire truck, climbing into the passenger’s seat, admiring the reflective chrome surface of parts of the truck, and exploring the different sounds one can make by tapping various parts of the truck.

One student even gave the truck a hug.

The firefighters had another surprise in store: more than 10 garbage bags stuffed with new toys. The toys will be distributed to the kids who need them in their full time program, along with kids who participate in outpatient and rehabilitation programs programs and other community outreach.

Fire District No. 3 has been collecting toys for the kids at Meeting Street the Schwartz School for ten years. In the past, some students have come to visit the station before the firefighters drop off the toys at the school.

This year, the firefighters brought a truck to the school, giving many more of the students the opportunity to explore it.

Meeting Street The Schwartz School serves students between from 3 to 22 years old with multiple disabilities and complex medical needs, providing various therapies alongside academics.