Select Board denies request from Eversource for new utility poles over previous botched installation

Aug 28, 2023

A seemingly routine item on the Select Board’s Aug. 28 agenda — to install four new utility poles on Allen Street — was unanimously denied by the board. 

Select Board member Shawn McDonald took issue with the request from Eversource, explaining that Eversource previously installed a utility pole through a sewer line on Hemlock Street, which cost the town $7,211 to fix.

The town placed a claim with Eversource, but it was denied by their insurance. McDonald also said the town has requested a list of double poles in town for years, but has never received it. 

He said he’s not inclined to approve anything from Eversource until the town receives that list and receives a check for the money. 

Select Board Chair David Tatelbaum said he’s sure that the project is important, so that’s all the more reason for Eversource to resolve the issue quicker. 

Eversource representative Jessica Elder said she’d report the information back to the company.