Select Board seeks to curb Harley dealer complaints

Oct 4, 2022

A Route 6 motorcycle dealer could lose its ability to host an upcoming event as town officials are going hog wild over noise and safety complaints.

Battleship Harley, which is located at 799 State Road, appeared before the Select Board on Oct. 3 in order to review whether the business should retain its ability to request a one-day license for alcohol.

The move comes following “a number of issues” stemming from events the business hosted during the summer. Most notably, large groups of patrons crossing Route 6 at night to their vehicles in an abandoned lot on the other side of the busy stretch of road.

“I don’t want to see anyone get whacked,” said Select Board member Shawn McDonald.

Another complaint involved the noise levels caused by the crowds, though officials noted the biggest source of sound stemmed from burnouts motorcyclists would do in the parking lot.

McDonald conceded to the owners that many of these complaints are beyond the control of the business owners, as much of this is caused by individuals once they’re on Route 6.

Still, board members said they wanted to settle things soon, as the dealer plans to host an event later in the month which is estimated to “be larger than any of the previous events.”

Though he had no formal plan of action, dealership owner Chad Raymond said he would like to work with the owner of an adjacent vacant property as a way to ease the issue of traffic crossing.

“[That way], people are walking on the sidewalk versus walking across the street, putting themselves in danger,” he said. 

Select Board Vice Chair Stanley Mickelson was skeptical whether the dealer would follow through on a plan by the time of the board’s next meeting.

“I don’t think you’re serious enough,” he said. “We consider this to be a serious problem. I’m not voting for anything you guys do unless you have a plan.”

Raymond responded by saying this was certainly something he wanted to resolve, adding that he would work with the Dartmouth Police Department to formulate a passable plan.

“We’re willing to do whatever it takes,” Raymond said.

Should the business not come up with a satisfactory plan, the Select Board Chair David Tatelbaum said the license will be pulled for the upcoming event.

“This Board will not give you another chance unless you solve the issue,” he said. “You’ve got a lot of work to do.”

Videos of the burnout contests are attached to this story.