Setting intentions at Strawberry Moon

Dec 31, 2018

At Strawberry Moon, owner Andrea MacDonald can help visitors pick out the right crystal for them, whether it is a piece of labradorite for manifesting dreams or lapis lazuli for personal empowerment. She uses crystals as a tool in her practice of traditional and alternative healing, which grew from her love of yoga.

She then began practicing Reiki and incorporating crystals. After having a successful stall at Providence Flea, MacDonald shared the space in her current location before expanding to the whole storefront in October 2018.

For the New Year, MacDonald shared ways people can use crystals and set intentions for a peaceful transition.

“It’s all about setting intentions and getting rid of old karma to make room for new karma,” MacDonald said of the new year. The goal is to clear out what is no longer useful and start fresh. For this, MacDonald recommends meditating with amethyst or labradorite, which is believed to be a stone of magic and dreams.

She also recommends getting a fresh start in one’s space by cleansing with sage, juniper, rosemary, juniper, or palo santo wood to set a positive intention for one’s home. She has created a grid around the shop, which could be recreated at home, of black tourmaline and selenite that is meant to keep good energy in and bad energy out. There is a piece of tourmaline in each corner, and selenite can be placed at doors and windows.

Selenite is believed to be a kind of all-purpose crystal, which works to cleanse and protect both people and other crystals. People also combine crystals with more familiar forms of mindfulness by, for example, holding selenite while breathing in the good and breathing out the bad.

Green aventurine, which MacDonald gave to each visitor during the Padanaram Christmas Festival, is also a good stone for the new year as it is related to health, abundance, and prosperity.

“It’s called also the gambler’s stone,” MacDonald said. “It’s a lucky stone, so you can start the year with some good luck.”

MacDonald also recommends working on self-care in the new year. She sells bath bombs with surprise crystals inside (although not all crystals are safe for the bath). Simple meditations and healthy self-talk are another way to do this kind of self-care. Simple deep breathing and softening one’s posture is also helpful.

For this kind of intention setting, MacDonald recommends smoky quartz and black tourmaline for resisting negativity, moonstone and lapis lazuli for women’s power, and rose quartz for self love.

MacDonald also makes jewelry both with and without crystals, and frequently makes custom work for people (and their pets).

“People can wear my jewelry and have the benefits of the crystals without being so in your face or so cliche,” MacDonald said. “It’s just so nice to be easeful.”

MacDonald is also mindful about how she sources what is in her shop. She has picked out each crystal individually, and buys about 75 percent directly from miners.

That also allows her crystals to be more accessible — crystals range in price from $3 (or 4 for $10) to several hundred dollars for larger specimens.

In the new year, MacDonald will host workshops and classes at the shop. Strawberry Moon is located at 338 Elm Street. During the winter, the shop will be open 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Thursday through Saturday, and from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Sundays.