Sister City Committee awards participants of essay contest

Nov 19, 2019

The Dartmouth Sister City Committee awarded Dartmouth students for their works submitted during a special essay contest opened earlier in the year. 

The Committee sponsored an essay contest with several other communities in Massachusetts. The essay contest focused on the upcoming 400th anniversary of the arrival of the Pilgrims. 

 Reese Leconte was awarded first prize in the contest, Jaffa Heryudono second prize, and Lauren Nielson third prize. Each winner was presented with gift certificates. 

Nielson and Leconte chose the essay topic “Your family recently emigrated from England to Massachusetts. Write a letter to a family member or friend who is living in the village or town where your family came from. Tell them about your life in America.”

Heryudono wrote journal entries in the style of a crew member aboard a 17th century sailing ship on a journey to America.

The essay topic that two of our winners, Reese and Lauren, chose was Another topic, the one that 

This project was done in conjunction with our Sister City in Dartmouth, Devon.

Plymouth and Dartmouth, Devon in the UK are marking the historic occasion with events all next year. And their students at Dartmouth Academy are also writing essays and creating art projects to commemorate the journey the Pilgrims took almost 400 years ago. 

The Committee will sponsor an upcoming ceramic tile project with Dartmouth High art students, designed to illustrate family stories of coming to America. The Committee is also creating and sewing 150 pennants depicting nautical themes that we will send to the Mayflower 400 Committee in Dartmouth, Devon. The goal is to hang 5000 pennants everywhere in town for Mayflower Week next September.