Slain Pennsylvania police chief's widow reacts to discovery of Donald Webb's remains

Jul 17, 2017

As the saga of career criminal and wanted fugitive Donald Eugene Webb appears to be coming to a close, the family of slain Saxonburg, Pennsylvania Police Chief Gregory Adams is left with little closure beyond knowing that Webb is dead.

In an interview with Karen Kane of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette a day after the July 13 search of Webb's former wife's Maplecrest Drive home led to the discovery of Webb’s remains, Adams' widow, Mary Ann Adams Jones said she felt anger -- toward Webb's former wife Lillian and Lillian's son, Stanley Webb.

Jones says she believes the mother-son pair helped shelter and later bury the man accused of killing her husband during a traffic stop in 1980.

His remains were unearthed from the back yard of the home. According to the FBI, Webb died in 1999.

"Why would she do that? Why would she hide him? Why would she bury him in the back yard? All I feel is anger," Jones said in the interview.

She acknowledged that she had hoped Webb, who would be 85 now, was still alive to face the justice system.

"My husband, our family, we didn't get any justice. My husband died and he never got to see his kids grow up or meet his grandchildren. There is no justice," Jones said.

She added that she was grateful to the authorities who stuck with the investigation throughout the years.

”I’m grateful that they worked hard for years trying to resolve this,” she said.

When asked if she wanted to face Lillian Webb and ask questions about the case, such as whether Donald ever confessed, or why he did it, she said she would decline.

"I don't want to talk to her," Jones said. "If I were in the same room, I know I would be arrested for assault. I would not be able to contain myself from punching her in the face."