Spring has not yet sprung at Parsons Reserve

Apr 3, 2023

Anticipation is in full bloom as the popular Parsons Reserve’s daffodil field appears on the verge of blossoming.

Anyone who visits the field this week can tell they have arrived just a few weeks ahead of full bloom, when a sea of yellow flowers will greet visitors. The Dartmouth Natural Resources Trust, which owns and operates the area, estimates that only 2% of the daffodils are in bloom.

Kendra Parker, Dartmouth Natural Resources Trust’s Development and Outreach Specialist, said that the flowers will be at their peak April 17 to 23, which is school vacation week, although she noted it is really up to nature.

That week will also be when the reserve is busiest. “Weekends and school vacation week are the busiest, so if people are able to come during the week or other weeks, that’s probably best,” said Parker.

Even three weeks away from its peak on a Monday evening, the reserve had many visitors. Matthew Zagar came to show a friend the field.

“Such an amazing hidden gem, although it’s not so hidden anymore,” he said.

He had seen other daffodils blossoming around town, so he came to see their progress at the reserve. “I was curious to see how much of the growth was up already and how close we are to that height of the season.”

Although the flower power wasn’t in full effect, the lack of “tourists” there made for a more tranquil experience, according to Zagar.

“In the height of the season the parking lot across the street will be full, there will be lines, and there are guides here that have to kind of group people,” Zagar said.

The field remains relatively unknown to casual observers because there is a 10-minute hike to the location, which can’t be seen from the road, other than the Parsons Reserve sign at the trailhead.

To maintain the beauty of the field, the trust asks visitors for a $5 donation and advises people to stay on the path so they don’t step on the daffodils. Removing the flowers from the field is prohibited, but Parker noted that daffodil bouquets are available at Davoll’s General Store with flowers sourced from Silverbrook Farm in Dartmouth.

Although the field always draws a crowd, visitors are encouraged to take their time and enjoy the chance to stop and smell the flowers.