Stackhouse celebrates halloween early with trunk-or-treat event

Oct 16, 2022

Costumed kiddies came calling for candy as the Dartmouth Stackhouse hosted its fifth annual trunk-or-treat on Saturday, Oct. 16.

Dartmouth resident Megan Bussiere organizes the event every year to raise money for dance competition fees for her daughter, Abby, a member of the Gotta Dance Studio competition team.

Bussiere said they are looking forward to Abby’s next big dance event, which will be at Disney World on Oct. 30.

Most of the “trunks” at the event were run by family friends of the Bussieres, who came out to support them and have a little Halloween fun at the same time.

“We come out every year for John and Megan,” said Patricia Cabral, who’s trunk was themed as Bendy and the Ink Machine, one of her son Lucas’ favorite video games.

Around the lot, trunks were decorated in a variety of creative ways.

On one trunk, Lynette Soler created a scene from Jurassic World complete with ferns, dino figurines, and a “tiny raptors” cage that contained a pair of chickens.

“We like doing it for the kids and for our little one,” said Soler, holding her son Jessiah Ortiz, who was dressed as a dinosaur. “It’s fun to do with the kids.”

Soler said she had come in second place the previous year in the kids’ choice vote.

At another booth, the whole car became part of the display as eight giant, inflatable spider legs sprouted from the windows of the minivan.

But Candis Braga, who said she participates in the event every year, would not take much credit for the spider van.

“I knew I wanted to do a spider, so I typed it in and this popped up,” she said. “It was wicked easy.”

Other trunks were decorated according to the tastes of the families’ youngest members.

Melissa Lennox, for example, had her trunk decked out in Space Jam decorations, her son Jonah’s favorite.

“He’s a big Daffy [Duck] fan,” she said. “So we kind of went off of that.”

As the event began, Bussiere said she was happy to be back for another year and hoped for a good turn out.

“It is a lot of fun,” she said. “We’ve had really good weather, so hopefully it gets busy.”