Sticker shock: Life's a beach

May 26, 2020

Tuesday marked the first day of sales for Dartmouth’s seasonal beach stickers — and it seemed like everyone in town came out to get one. 

As the socially distanced line stretched around the parking lot outside Town Hall, some eager beachgoers said the stickers would bring them a semblance of normalcy.

Dartmouth residents waited up to two hours to reach the Parks and Recreation mobile trailer in front of Town Hall, which remains closed to the public for now.

“A true beach lover could stand in this line for two days,” Michelle Pacheco joked. “There’s nothing that would stop us.”

Although residents had to deal with the long wait, most did not complain. To pass the time, many did things like chat with family over the phone, check social media, or socialize with fellow linemates while six feet apart.

“This is honestly the most socialization I’ve gotten in a while,” Megan Marshall said. “This is easily the social event of the year.”

Parks and Rec board member Jim Vieira said he was shocked at how large the turnout was. He added that he felt the reason for the long lines was because many residents thought the town had a limit on beach stickers that could be sold.

“We’re just limiting the amount of cars at the beach, not the stickers,” he clarified. “I felt bad that the lines were as big as they were.”

This year’s stickers come with a host of new temporary restrictions on town beaches for the start of the season.

These include a limit of one beach sticker per household, a 50 percent parking capacity limit, group sizes limited to 10 or fewer people with groups spaced at least 12 feet apart, and six foot social distancing rules for the restrooms at Round Hill.

Round Hill Beach will open June 20, while Jones and Apponagansett Parks will open June 27 through Labor Day.

Stickers can be bought  for $35 or $25 for senior citizens Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Payment is check or credit card only.