Tour the new Dartmouth Police Station at open house

Sep 10, 2019

Before the new Dartmouth Police Station officially opens for business on September 24, the public can get a rare chance to tour the entire station at a special open house. 

The Dartmouth Police Department will host an open house at its new 1390 Tucker Road headquarters on September 22 from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. 

Police Chief Brian Levesque and members of the department will be on hand to provide tours of the building and answer questions from the community. Light refreshments will be provided. 

The department is scheduled to complete its move and make the Tucker Road building its official base of operations on September 24. 

With last-minute move-in prep still continuing, one thing that will not be included in the final location is a “thin blue line” stripe along Tucker Road. 

A group of Dartmouth residents had circulated a petition calling to paint a “thin blue line” along Tucker Road in front of the police station by changing the color of the double solid yellow lines on the roadway. 

Town Administrator Shawn MacInnes said the town had looked into the idea, but learned from the Federal Highway Administration, which is an authority for design standards of traffic and roadway markings, that it could pose a safety issue. 

“While we appreciate the request, and recognize the service of the police department, it’s more of a safety issue that we’re not allowed to do this,” MacInnes said at the September 9 Select Board meeting.