Town seeks indigenous residents to join cultural committee

Nov 17, 2022

The Town of Dartmouth is looking for Native American residents to serve on its new committee focused on honoring indigenous culture and history.

The committee, which currently consists of municipal and school officials, is working on reviewing the culture, history and diversity of indigenous peoples “in a manner that prioritizes education, reconciliation and appropriate advocacy.”

This comes following residents voting overwhelmingly in the 2022 town election to affirm the high school’s Indian name and logo.

Toward that end, the new committee is seeking the collaboration and input from Dartmouth’s Native American residents in order to become educated in the culture, history, and diversity of indigenous peoples of Dartmouth. 

“If you are a resident of Dartmouth, and of Native American ancestry, we want to hear your stories in order to better understand your tribe’s history and culture,” Town Administrator Shawn MacInnes said in a press release.

Those interested in joining the committee can contact the Select Board office by emailing or by calling (508) 910-1813.