Treemendous trees wanted

May 18, 2023

Tips on where to find impressive trees are being sought by the Tree Committee in anticipation of their September Tree Walk.

Any tree in Dartmouth can be nominated for recognition by the committee. Trees can be nominated by filling out a form on the Tree Committee’s town website. The form asks for basic facts about the tree and up to three photos.

Trees worthy of nomination may be exceptional in their size, age, rarity, beauty or have an interesting story. Perhaps, it is just funky looking, there is no confinement to what makes a tree eligible for nomination.

The committee does prefer trees that are in good condition and have space to flourish.

The trees nominated can be on private or public property like at schools, parks, cemeteries or along streets. However, the committee does ask that trees on private property have the land owner’s consent for nomination.

The Tree Committee will accept nominations of distinctive trees on an ongoing basis and will recognize the most noteworthy in the fall.

All submissions submitted before Aug. 1 will be considered for recognition at the Tree Committee’s September Tree Walk.