Two athletes join the Stang Hockey 100 Point Club

May 22, 2023

Hockey achievements are frozen in time for new 100-point club members

Mikayla Brightman and Lexi Yost both knew making the 100-point club would not be an easy feat when joining the Bishop Stang girls hockey team as ninth graders.

Now as a senior, Brightman can remember her first time seeing the banner in the Stang gym and knowing that she wanted to be a part of it. This was an ambitious goal since the list, which dates back to 2001, did not have a single girl’s name on it.

“To come back and look at it, after saying my eighth grade year that I was going to get on [the banner] and realizing I actually did it is a huge accomplishment for myself,” said Brightman.

Brightman became the first girl to make the list, quickly followed by her teammate Yost.

The girls’ accomplishment is made more impressive because they each earned over 100 points during their four years, even with a season cut short by Covid.

“I worked four years really hard for this,” said Yost. “There were a lot of setbacks over the four years, especially Covid. We only had 12 games our sophomore season. So, having three and a half seasons, it was [even more] difficult.”

They are also the only players to make this list in the same season.

In hockey one point each is earned for goals and assists. Brightmam finished her four seasons with 85 goals and 49 assists and Yost had 62 goals and 58 assists.

The banner with each of their names will eternalize their impressive successes on the ice.