UMass Dartmouth begins search for new athletic director

Sep 22, 2021

UMass Dartmouth is now searching for a new athletic director.

The university announced Sept. 22 the creation of a 12-person committee charged with finding a candidate to fill the vacancy left by Amanda Van Voorhis.

Van Voorhis assumed a new role in the UMass Dartmouth Athletic Department as the Associate Director of Athletics for NCAA Compliance after. She served as Director of Athletics from 2013-2021.

The Search Committee consists of three senior student-athletes, including Shae Carreiro, women’s basketball and Nursing major; Mekhi Geter, football and Criminal and Justice Studies major; and Anna Kerwood, softball and Biology major. Five University administrators serve on the Committee, including Heather Batherwich, Human Resources Business Associate; Greg Homol, Fitness Center Director; Hanan Khamis, Director of Admissions; Juli Parker, Interim Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs; and Josh Sylvester, Director of Alumni Relations. The Committee also contains Mike Salem, Head Coach Men’s and Women’s Cross Country and Track and Field; and Amy Sasin, Head Coach Softball.

The Search Committee will be co-chaired by Dr. Steven White, Professor of Management and Marketing and UMassD NCAA Faculty Athletics Representative. The other co-chair will be UMassD alumnus Brian Kelly, a former student-athlete and Managing Director of Human Capital Consulting, LLC. Brian also serves as the Treasurer of the University Alumni Association.

“When appointing this search committee, it was important that the many aspects of the University’s successful competitive spirit were represented,” said Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance David Gingerella. “Athletics and Recreation are a critical aspect of student life and success at UMass Dartmouth and I am confident this group will find a Director to take our programs to new heights.”