UMass Dartmouth police union issues no-confidence vote in top leaders

Apr 5, 2021

Citing “hostility, retaliation, and unethical behavior,” union members of the UMass Dartmouth Police Department overwhelmingly voted “no confidence” in Police Chief Emil Fioravanti and Deputy Chief Haydee Martinez.

With the vote, the International Brotherhood of Police Officers Local 339 requests that either the leadership step down, or that the university remove the two from their respective positions.

“Please recognize we did not arrive at this decision and vote of no confidence hastily or without careful consideration,” the union said in a March 18 letter addressed to Interim Chancellor Mark Fuller. 

The resolution passed 23-3.

In the letter, the union notes that there have been five grievances, four unfair labor practices, two Equal Employment Opportunity complaints, and one hostile work environment allegation filed against the current management team.

One of the biggest grievances, the union notes, is with forced duties and functions outside of what the union collectively bargained for. 

The letter alleges that officers were involuntarily assigned to Covid-19 student transports — a job previously done by the university’s Health Services Division.

As of the letter’s publication, officers are still required to work on the student transports.

“The failure to return such services to the Health Services Division continues to unnecessarily, and unfairly, expose our members to known and dangerous health risks,” it read. 

Fioravanti and Martinez could not be reached for comment.

According to a UMass Dartmouth spokesperson, university officials and members of IBPO Local 399 have been in communication and are “meeting soon to resolve these issues.”