UMass Dartmouth welcomes Class of 2026

Aug 30, 2022

Dartmouth’s freshest residents have arrived.

Monday, Aug. 29 marked the first day of move-ins at UMass Dartmouth, with hundreds of incoming freshmen and their families carting bedding and mini fridges into the residence halls.

Among the new Corsairs was Taunton resident Kobe Owse. The incoming finance major noted that it was a smooth setup of getting his stuff to his new home at Balsam Hall, even if it did involve a few trips from his car to the dorm.

“This is my third bin,” he said while waiting in line to enter the building.

Emma Ostiguy, an incoming animation and game art major, also had quite a bit of set up to do as she entered Spruce Hall with a couple of carts filled with boxes.

“It’s a lot of unpacking,” she said.

Ostiguy, who is from Western Massachusetts, said she chose to attend UMass Dartmouth because of its arts program and its affordability.

“Plus my grandparents live near here,” she said.

“And she can’t wait to see them every weekend,” her father Ben said with a smile.

While Ostiguy will now be able to spend some more time with her extended family, her father said it was a bittersweet feeling to drop her off.

“She’s our oldest kid,” he said. “But we’re very proud that she’s found a program she likes and motivates her. Tears have been shed.”

Her sister, Gigi, was also sad to see her sibling leave home. She said it will be especially difficult since she will be starting middle school soon and that it is “going to be torture without [Ostiguy’s] advice.”

“Yeah, I’m kind of a superhero,” Ostiguy responded.

Traveling further to attend school in Dartmouth was Abby Gates, who traveled with her mother Melissa from North Carolina. Although, she noted that she was originally from Massachusetts and was excited to be back in her home state.

“It’s all she talked about since we left,” her mother Melissa said.

While it was a homecoming for the Gates family, Melissa said it was a drive she could have done without.

“Yesterday sucked,” she said, noting that the trip took 13 hours.

Still, she said she’s proud of her daughter for entering this new chapter of life

Classes begin Thursday, Sept. 1, with the fall semester ending on Dec. 15. Spring semester starts Jan. 18 and runs through May 5, 2023.

Much like last school year, all students and staff at UMass Dartmouth must be vaccinated to be on campus — although there are religious and health exemptions.