Vaccination underway for first responders

Jan 12, 2021
Dartmouth’s first responders have started receiving the Covid-19 vaccine this week at a clinic set up for the purpose at UMass Dartmouth.
According to Public Health Director Chris Michaud, the operation has started off “quickly and smoothly” and will “help protect our first responders that are out in the community helping our friends and neighbors.”
Police, firefighters, and ambulance workers — including medical techs and paramedics — who work in town are all eligible for the shot, which is being distributed by appointment at the university’s Woodlands Commons building at 285 Old Westport Road.
As Covid-19 cases in town hit record highs, with 300 reported in just one week on Jan. 8, health officials are encouraging anyone who can to get the jab.
Michaud noted that all residents, visitors, and workers in town should still implement Covid safety guidelines. 
“I want everyone to remember that we are at the beginning of the state’s phased vaccination plan, and it is still important to practice proven safety tactics like social distancing and wearing face coverings,” he said. 
The vaccination clinic was set up by the Dartmouth Covid-19 Response Team in collaboration with partners in Westport and Gosnold as well as with UMass Dartmouth.
To get the vaccine, first responders must book an appointment and then show at least one form of work identification, including a badge, work ID, or letter from an employer or paystub plus photo ID.
More information, including eligibility requirements, accepted IDs, and a full list of locations is available at